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The Glebelands
          - a safe place to build?

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Purpose of website
This website provides a knowledge base for those wanting to learn more about the Glebelands, Newport, South Wales, especially in relation to Newport council's experiment to develop this hazardous waste landfill site through the building of the Glan Usk Primary School and the proposed residential housing.

With your feedback and improvement suggestions, the Glebelands Alliance hopes to create a useful resource for pupils, parents, teachers, and local residents - and those further afield, such as students and lecturers in environmental management.

Significant doubts remain about the risks associated with building schools and houses on top of hazardous chemical waste landfill sites. These doubts are mainly concerned with the release of toxic substances to air, land, and water during construction and future use of such sites.

If you're new to these pages, you may like to start by browsing the 'Background' and 'Articles' sections to the left of this page.  A vast amount of source information can be accessed via the yellow ribbon at the top of this page, including press cuttings, regulatory correspondence and planning documentation.

By becoming familiar with the information presented within these web pages, it is hoped that you will feel confident to draw your own conclusions about the hazards and risks of Newport council's development project - and hence offer an answer to the question that we pose at the top of this page:

The Glebelands
   - a safe place to build our new school?