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Glebelands Links

This page lists useful links relating to Newport Council's plans to build houses and the new Glan Usk primary school on the Glebelands hazardous waste landfill site situated near St Julians in Newport, south Wales.

Like the rest of our 'Glebelands' web pages, this page is under development. This means that everyone has an opportunity to contribute to the usefulness of this page. So, if you have a useful link to the web pages of a relevant organisation, please send the details to:

Planning Casework List: 17 September 2010
(Although a request to revoke planning permission was submitted to the Welsh Assembly by the Glebelands Alliance on 26th October 2009, the request was not formally logged until 9th August 2010, and the request was not added to the Assembly's Planning Casework List until 17 September 2010.)